Student Filming

A film permit is required for any student film or photography shoot on the UCLA campus. Registered UCLA students may apply for a UCLA student film permit provided the filming is required for UCLA course credit or related to an approved Registered Campus Organization (RCO) activity. There is no permit charge for UCLA film students or approved RCO student filming. UCLA Extension students requesting to film on campus for Extension course credit must pay a permit processing fee of $65 (see film guidelines for other Extension student requirements). All required student permit back up documentation, including a completed film warrant and location confirmation form and a valid BruinCard must be submitted to the Events Office a minimum of 5 working days prior to the shoot date in order to receive a permit.

UCLA students not shooting for course credit and non-UCLA students are subject to the same rules and regulations that apply to commercial film shoots. UCLA does not waive any campus location or service fees for these types of shoots; however, the film permit fee is reduced. Please contact the Events Office for more information.

All UCLA and non-UCLA students must review the following Student Film Shoot Guidelines:

UCLA students can find more information about filming on campus at the UCLA portal.