three are the day. there is no wind. ahead there are other people in the decline, as we lead the way. And now the sky is already dark, moonlight, the eyes of the long road naughty to flashing light. The surface of the road looks like ice, as rough as the rock. I do not know today.. or this week. no one walked the road, no one checked the road there is no cracks, ice, cross section, collapse, cracks, ice needles, or other obstacles. I CCNA Data Center it exam do not know how long the ancient sleigh road, but this slide more than 20 kilometers, along the cliff side of the Abruzzi, from the Kunlun Mountains, has been connected to the gentle slope of Huashan west, where Gradually approach the road. Aisle in the north a few kilometers, along the foot of the roundabout and on, although more secure, but also slower. To the Huashan, from the Luojing bench only nine kilometers of road, take three cableway, of course, that section of the road is actually very easy, and then a little bit on the road, through the road in the valley, came to a Cisco Certification cliff side of the road , And finally to the Monastery. I sat down side by side with Betty, just like the two children on the sled, waiting for Mom and Dad to push from behind. My blue skin friend wearing a warm hood, face mask. I CCNA Data Center leaned forward, grabbed his shoulder and pulled him closer so that he could hear me. Cold wind mixed with ice needles, stinging stabbed me. I ll come, okay I cried. Betty turned his head, we touch the fabric covered cheek together. Mr. Andy, I t

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640-911 Introducing Cisco Data Center Networking Cisco CCNA Data Center
640-916 Introducing Cisco Data Center Technologies Cisco CCNA Data Center